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Program files

New version 1.3 of MetaQuant released!
MetaQuant will be continuously improved. Click here to view the list of changes.
WindowsWindows Download
Version 1.3
January 14, 2008
  • Linux version:
    Extract the tar archive:

    tar -xzf MetaQuant.tgz

    and start MetaQuant:

    cd MetaQuant

LinuxLinux Download
Version 1.3
January 15, 2008
Version 1.3
January 14, 2008

Documentation files

Version 1.3
January 14, 2008

Supplementary files for tutorial and testing

  • Compound file:
    A small compound library containing some compound definitions and calibration information.
Compound fileCompound file
May 16, 2006
  • Mix file:
    This file contains the concentration of all substances in the standard mix. This file is needed for the automatic calibration function of MetaQuant.
Mix fileMix file
May 16, 2006
ChromatogramChromatogram 1
May 16, 2006
ChromatogramChromatogram 2
May 16, 2006


  • License:
    MetaQuant is available under GNU General Public License.
GNU General Public LicenseGNU General Public License
September 19, 2006

Source code

  • Source code:
    Download source code from current version as ZIP-file.
SourceSource code
January 14, 2008


  • Archive:
    Interested in older versions of MetaQuant? Search the archive now!

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